TR2 ART + DESIGNwas born from the need for serious and responsible professionals to meet a great demand for small and medium entrepreneurs who seek creativity, taste and quality design.

As a business construction needs its basis, a new business needs a strong and competitive brand. Brand whose values nd philosophies are able to motivate its employees and trace the main guidelines for its growth.

Our office, in the market since 2006, provides branding services, Integrated Communications and Multimedia, and services that complement the visual identity of your business or company.

We take care of the details and we like new challenges. We seek viable solutions that unite form and function, while respecting the goals and objectives that are sent to us. We create everything with love and exclusivity, the way you always have dreamed of!

We develop special, tailor-made projects to meet your ideas and needs. Our team includes creative, technical and administrative professionals, which combined, make the TR2 ART + DESIGN a boutique office with ability to integrate and work cohesively, in the various segments that builds a brand.

We hope our work make you happy!